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Lisa Lindsley & La Belle Epoque
"Wouldn’t It Be Loverly" CD Release

Wouldn’t It Be Loverly is an intriguing tribute to film musicals, delivered with heady arrangements, swinging tempos and flawless musicianship. Working with a stellar coterie of Parisian players, Lisa Lindsley delivers an irresistible program featuring pianist Laurent Marode, bassist Fabien Marcos, drummer Mourad Benhammou, and Esaie Cid on flute, clarinet and tenor saxophone.

Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 8pm
at Piedmont Piano Company
1728 San Pablo Ave. (at 18th), Oakland, CA

$20 - To reserve tickets with your credit card, please call (510) 547-8188

Jazz vocalist Lisa Lindsley says that moving to Paris for a year was an idea proposed by her daughter, an aspiring high school contortionist who wanted to hone her French while studying at the Fratellini Circus School. Much to her daughter’s surprise, Lindsley put the plan in motion, and turned the adventure into the next step in her remarkable musical evolution.

Lindsley is no slouch at making a powerful first impression. A late blooming artist who came to jazz singing in mid-life, she earned national attention with her stellar 2010 debut release Everytime We Say Goodbye, an intimate session featuring bassist Fred Randolph and superlative accompanist George Mesterhazy (pianist for Shirley Horn and Paula West). She’s been working steadily around the Bay Area over the 8 years, but when she and her daughter relocated to Paris in the fall of 2013 Lindsley put everything on hold, including her prolific career as a voice-over artist of considerable celebrity. As the voice of Princess Leia in LeapFrog’s Star Wars game and the characters Soraka and Kayle in Riot Games’ hugely popular online game League of Legends “It’s wild, I get fan mail and fans cry when they meet me,” Lindsley says.

In turning herself into the consummate professional, Lindsley has also turned into a powerfully expressive artist whose debut album announced the emergence of a formidable creative force. With Long After Midnight, Lindsley made a major leap as a vocalist fully in charge of her sound and repertoire. With her third album, Wouldn’t It Be Loverly, it is an intriguing tribute to film musicals, delivered with heady arrangements, swinging tempos and flawless musicianship. LisaLindsley.com

After studying classical music and Jazz at Lyon’s conservatory, Fabien Marcoz joined the Collectif Mû and the Crescent Jazz club. He began playing with great musicians like Steve Grossman, Peter King, Alain-Jean Marie, Michel Grailler, Lolo Bellonzi, Georges Arvanitas, and François Chassagnite.

In 1998, he moved to Paris and began playing regulary in the great Parisian clubs, Petit Opportun, Sunset, and Duc des Lombards. He quickly became a first-string player in France and began performing and touring with national and international musicians Harold Mabern, Eric Alexander, Joe Magnarelli, Jeb Patton, Joe Farnsworth, Dmitry Baevsky, Joe Cohn, Ralph Moore, China Moses, Malia, Hugh Coltman, Hugo Lippi, and Alain Jean-Marie. Marcoz has performed around the world and in some of the most prestigious festivals in Vienna, London, Tokyo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, New-Dehli, Moscow, Madrid, and Rome.

He is currently performing with the Fabien Mary Quartet, Mourad Benhammou Quartet, Dmitry Baevsky, Luigi Grasso, Laurent Marode, and Lisa Lindsley.

Laurent Marode began his career as a student at the National Orsay Conservatory where he studied for 10 years before joining the "Bill Evans Piano Academy" under the watchful eye of Samy Abenaim and Bernard Maury. In 2004, he perfected his musical studies with Katy Roberts (piano) and learning arranging and compostion from Joe Makholm. In 2012, Barry Harris took him under his wing and nurtured Marodes musical talents helping him hone his own style, he attributes to his success today to Mr. Harris. Laurent Marode uses his musical and arranging talents in diversified musical ways. He regularly performs in stage concerts as well as film-concerts in many variations.

Not only does he compose the music for these rich and alluring pieces, his talents have led him to another creative side of music director for theatrical productions as well as several music projects (Happiness, 2003 Novecento, 2005, Pygmalion 2007, GG Initials, 2013 etc.).

He continued his jazz career cutting his first record I Mean with his own sextet which Citizenjazz.com said, “I Mean is a finished work, a real pleasure to pure hard bop, glad to discover this force of nature.“

In 2010, he recorded in New York with Trio Invite creating Grits and Groceries then in January of 2014 created and recorded Elephant Walk under the European label, Black and Blue with his New Trio (Fabricio Nicolas cb, Gregory Serrier drms) along with prestigious guests such as David Sauzay Ronald Baker, and Sarah Lancman. The disc is hailed by the wonderful pianist Bill Charlap. laurentmarode.fr

In 1996, Mourad Benhammou joined the Alain Jean-Marie Tribute to Monk Trio with Jean Bardy. He created his own band a year later, the Interplanetary Music Orchestra, a nine-piece orchestra featuring Steve Potts and Alex Tassel. Drawing its inspiration from the music of Sun Ra, the band toured and recorded Mourad Benhammou’s first as a leader, The Interplanetary Music Orchestra Suite (1998).

A jazz scholar, an expert on the history of drumming as well as a dedicated collector, Mourad Benhammou has been interviewing legendary American drummers since 2004. With a keen interest in bebop drummers, he has conducted interviews in New York with Louis Hayes, Grassella Oliphant and Walter Perkins, who became one of his mentors. Walter Perkins was to be the starting point of Mourad’s new project, the Jazz Workers, a quintet with Fabien Mary on trumpet, David Sauzay on saxophone, Pierre Christophe on piano, Fabien Marcoz on bass and Mourad Benhammou as leader and drummer.

Mourad Benhammou has played in all the major jazz festivals and alongside legendary American musicians but also with up and coming new musicians. He has managed to bring together top-drawer efficiency with a personal sense of swing and musicality. Because he has been in close contact with historical musicians who have defined the canons of bebop and hard-bop, Mourad feels he has a mission and a duty as a torch-bearer. He considers being a musician is also about transmitting the memory of the music, its technique and style as well as the principles of oral tradition, everything that makes it not just notes but an art of living. mouradbenhammou.fr

Born in Barcelona, Esaie Cid started his musical career with the Barcelona Jazz Orchestra, directed by Oriol Bordas, touring and recording with Frank Wess and Jesse Davis. In the early 2000’s, Esaie moved to Paris and began establishing himself as one of the “go to” horn players on the Parisian music scene. Performing and touring with musicians like Mourad Benhammou,Fabien Mary, Michel Pastre, François Laudet, hidng some of the best French jazz fesYvals and clubs all over Europe, Africa and the West Coast of America as well. He has a new album of his original music just released. esaiecid.com

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