We celebrated the opening of our new home on San Pablo Ave. with a four day extravaganza of live music, food and drink, prize drawings, a film screening, and fun. Hundreds of friends, new neighbors, musicians, and well wishers attended the festivities. We wish to thank all who attended what turned out to be a wonderful community event, the first of many at the new home of Piedmont Piano Co. Below is a selection of photos shot by our wonderful photographer Peter Marcus, to see all the photos please visit the site of Marcus Photography.


THURSDAY: the festivities began with a special visit by Paolo Fazioli, the maker of the Fazioli piano from Sacile, Italy. During an afternoon cocktail reception a number of luminaries from the local music scene stopped by to meet Mr. Fazioli, including George Cleve, conductor of the Midsummer Mozart festival, the brilliant young jazz pianist Taylor Eigsti, Fazioli owner and rock star pianist Jonathan Cain of Journey, and keyboardist Victoria Theodore from the Stevie Wonder band. Later in the evening Mr. Fazioli talked about his pianos and showed a short film of the Fazioli factory, followed by a wonderful program including works by Chopin, Ravel, and Debussy performed on the Fazioli concert grand by the lovely and talented pianist Allison Lovejoy.

Welcome to the new Piedmont Piano Company!

Drawings were held for a digital piano & other goodies

Paolo Fazioli & maestro George Cleve

Jim Callahan, Jonathan Cain (Journey), John Callahan

Jonathan Cain and Paolo Fazioli discuss the instrument. Jonathan tours around the world with his beloved "Faz".

Those in attendance were treated to an impromptu performance by Victoria Theodore (Stevie Wonder Band).

"I want one of these..."
Krista Robertson helps Jim give away some prizes

Paolo introduces a short film about the Fazioli factory

Allison Lovejoy gets into some beautiful Chopin

Mr. Fazioli & Ms. Lovejoy

FRIDAY: Wonderful music by pianist Socorro de Castro and the OSA Jazz Band from the neighboring Oakland School for the Arts began the festivities. After a rousing performance by the a capella group Noteworthy from UC Berkeley, president Jim Callahan introduced the Callahan family and recognized many of the people who made this wonderful project possible. The evening finished with a stirring solo piano set by jazz master Art Lande, who was joined for a second set by his longtime friend and collaborator, the brilliant saxophonist Bruce Williamson.

Socorro de Castro

Oakland School for the Arts OSA Jazz Band

Director Jaz Sawyer (left) with the OSA Jazz Band & Jim C.

Hilarious antics from UC Berkeley's Notewothy

Jim makes a few pronouncements

introducing the Callahan family

Mom has a thing or two to say

Art Lande & Bruce Williamson

Art at the piano

SATURDAY: The day started off with fabulous 20s and 30s piano music by Frederick Hodges who was joined for a number of songs by the lovely chanteuse Ann Gibson. After some refreshmants, drawings, and socializing, pianist David Olachea received a standing ovation for his performance that included works of Beethoven, Liszt, and Chopin. Next up were two screenings of the new film "Miracle in a Box" by Oscar winning filmmaker John Korty, which documents the restoration of a Steinway grand piano by Callahan Piano Service. Between the showings there was a short recital by the amazing 9 year old pianist Chloe Ma, and a presentaition by piano action designer David Stanwood of his new adjustable touch action.

Frederick Hodges wows the crowd with his virtuosity

Frederick is joined by the lovely songstress Ann Gibson

Frederick, Ann, & Jim

David Olachea's stirring Chopin Ballade

David O. with our music school director Krista Robertson

giving away more goodies

Filmmaker John Korty introduces his film "Miracle in a Box" as John Callahan of Callahan Piano Service looks on

John introduces David Stanwood (left) and the staff of Callahan Piano Service, the "stars" of the film

John C. presents young local pianist, 9 year old Chloe Ma and a newly restored 1897 Steinway

the Steinway comes to life under Chloe's young but extremely versatile fingers

SUNDAY: A full day of music began with Celtic jazz from Melanie O'Reilly and friends, followed by the great jazz sounds of the Nichols-Franz band. Next up was a marvelous Chopin recital played with stunning virtuosity by Dora Jibitskaya. The stronger members of the crowd on hand were then ushered into service as we moved twelve grand pianos into position for the stunning 24 handed performance of Porgy and Bess by the San Jose State University piano majors under the direction of Dr. Gwendolyn Mok. The evening and weekend came to a climactic close with a moving solo performance by the brilliant young jazz pianist Taylor Eigsti, joined for a few tunes by fine local saxophonists Dayna Stephens and Evan Francis.

Celtic jazz from Melanie O'Reilly and friends

The Nichols - Franz band holds forth

The entire staff of Piedmont Piano Co. - Norman, Krista, Jim, Katharine, and Ross. They worked hard this weekend!

Three generations of James Joseph Callahans: JJCIII (Jim), JJCII (Dad), and JJCIV (Joey)

Dora tackles the Chopin B Minor Scherzo

poster giveaway

"everybody lift!" - setting up for the Monster Concert

Gwendolyn and Jim direct traffic

12 pianos played together make an amazing sound! The selection is Percy Grainger's concert arrangement of
Gershwin's Porgy and Bess

Dr. Gwendolyn Mok is directing from a folding chair. Our General Manager Norman Landsberg turns pages and makes sure she doesn't fall off!

the crowd goes wild

the triumphant ensemble

Taylor Eigsti at the keys

the crowd in rapt attention

Taylor is joined by Evan Francis...

...and by Dayna Stephens

Jim with Dayna, Taylor, and Evan
Thanks to all who attended. Watch this site and join our e mail list to hear about upcoming events at the new Piedmont Piano Company!



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