Our new home, at 18th and San Pablo in Oakland was constructed in 1946 as the California Furniture Company.
It later became the California Art Supply Company and served the art community for many years. Located just behind the newly renovated Fox Theater and the Oakland School for the Arts, and next door to the Oakland Ice Center, it sits in the heart of Oakland's shining new Uptown Arts and Entertainment District.

Here are some photos of the building prior to remodeling.

Click here to see photos of the building renovation


The striking Art Deco structure was designed by architect Harry A. Schary in 1946 as the California Furniture Company. In later years it was well known to local artists and draftsmen as the home of California Art Supply. It was actually built using the lower floors of the 1880s Juanita Hotel (right).

The enamel and exposed neon blade sign hasn't been illuminated in years. It will soon come to life again with a new message.

The original sign (left) initially said "California" across the top. Cal-Art changed it to say "drafting", in reference to drafting tables.

Artists' drawing of our proposed new sign by day and by night (right).

Main Showroom, ceiling height is 12 ft. - Showroom
size is about 6000 squre feet - double our current space

The unusual "shape" on the ceiling houses indirect lighting.
Performance stage will be at the rear between the column rows.

Future office area

Stairs to 2nd level and the Music School

Future home of the Music School

Looking from the stage area towards 18th and San Pablo

One of our favorite parts of the new store. The 5000-plus square
foot basement will replace all of our offsite warehouse space and
for the first time since 1978 (when we had three pianos in a
garage) we will have all of our inventory under one roof.

Most of the structure was built in 1946 but the basement and
parts of the first floor are from the Juanita Hotel, dating
from 1880. After removing some sheetrock we discovered
the remains of an old stairway that once led out to 18th St.



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