1904 Steinway Model A



This unique Steinway has a fascinating history. In the 1970s and 80s it was owned and recorded on by Earl "Fatha" Hines, one of the most important and talented pianists in the history of jazz. But its history begins in 1904 when it was reportedly custom built for Mrs. Leander Sherman of San Francisco. The unique hand carved mahogany case is in the Regency style with twelve fluted legs and carved gilded details. The piano was given to Hines in 1969 as a gift from Scott Newhall, the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, and bears a sterling silver plaque honoring Hines' contubution to jazz. (see text below). Earl Hines treasured the piano and featured it on his recording "Earl Hines at Home" from 1969. When he passed away in 1983, Hines left the piano to the UC Berkeley Young Musicians Program, a favorite organization of his, dedicated to providing music education to underprivileged children. A gala fundraising auction was planned with presale estimates as high as half a million dollars expected for the piano's sale. Although the piano didn't meet that figure, it was purchased by a board member of the organization, who has been the caretaker of this fine instrument at his home in Berkeley ever since. He has now sold his home and very generously donated the piano once again to the YMP, who have sent it to our shop asking us to find a new owner who will love and care for this unique piece of history, with the proceeds benefiting the Program.The condition of the piano is very fine - it was rebuilt to a high standard in the years following Hines' passing; the mahogany and gold finish is extremely beautiful and the original ivory keys are in perfect condition. The tone is exceptional, befitting the talents of its world famous and beloved former owner, Earl "Fatha" Hines. Size 6ft. 2in. Serial number 109059.


EARL "FATHA" HINES - presented by jazz lovers from all over the world. This piano is the only one of its kind in the world, and expresses the great genius of a man who has never played a melancholy note in his lifetime on a planet that has often succumbed to despair.

Scott Newhall
San Francisco, July 26, 1969


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